Dr. Emma offers composite-fillings that are a safer and better alternative than silver fillings made of amalgam/mercury.

A cavity is essentially tooth decay that has led to holes in the enamel and dentin, the two hard layers that protect the soft tissue in your tooth. While cavities are not a serious dental problem, they are one of the most commonly ignored problems that can lead to serious issues. For example, as cavities weaken the tooth, continuous pressure can cause your tooth to crack and lead to extreme pain. Cavities also may allow food and bacteria to enter the soft tissues in your tooth, leading to painful abscesses and infections that can weakened and recede your gum line.

The first step Dr. Emma takes in treating a cavity is removing the decayed material and clean the infected area of the tooth. Thereafter, Dr. Emma uses a composite filling to restore your tooth. Unlike silver fillings that are made of amalgam/mercury fillings, composite fillings are a safer and better option that can also be matched to your natural tooth color. The modern materials that compromise composite fillings also help reduce temperature sensitivity and requires less of your natural tooth to be removed.

Don't procrastinate!

It may be tempting to put off a dental exam when you're not feeling any pain, but procrastination comes with a price. A small cavity can turn from a minor to major quickly!

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